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1st In The East!

The Boston Bruins are in first place in the MassMutual East and I don't care who knows it!!!

Maybe that's because I don't know many folks in my life that follow the daily life of the B's anymore but it's always nice to see their name at the top of the standings. The realignment this year could be the best thing that has happened to them too. Not having to touch the Lightning or Maple Leafs in the regular season must be a weight lifted off the old legs of the babies of the 80's in that locker room.

As a baby of the 80's not in that locker room, I can tell you that the Big Boy B's aren't all that lucky making the switch from Lightning/Leafs to Capitals/Penguins but right now, the win totals are showing that it's in their benefit. Know what else helps? David Pastrnak. Only three games in and has found the back of the net five times. The guy averages nearly a point a game in his career and is only 24. Wild stuff. On top of that Bergy and Marchy (80's Babies) are in the top ten in the league in points which is going to help you get some W's. Seven W's of the ten games they've played.

Two overtime losses which leaves just ONE loss in their first ten games and that was on night three against the (apparently not good anymore) Islanders that were a playoff team last year. So here's to you Boston. You have a team in first place. The tough part is going to be keeping a positive attitude when they have their inevitable drought in the end of this month and give you hope in the opening round of the playoffs only to get curb stomped by a clearly better team.

Go B's!

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