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2021 NFL Predictions

AFC East

Buffalo Bills 12-5 *

New England Patriots 11-6 *

Miami Dolphins 9-8

New York Jets 4-13

Mac Jones and a much improved roster leads the Patriots back to the playoffs but the Bills are still the class of the AFC East, for now.

AFC North

Cleveland Browns 12-5 *

Baltimore Ravens 10-7 *

Pittsburgh Steelers 9-8

Cincinnati Bengals 5-12

Ravens injuries have made the Browns the clear cut favorite in this division. I still have the Ravens making the playoffs but they could easily be this year’s biggest disappointment and miss the playoffs.

AFC South

Tennessee Titans 13-4 *

Indianapolis Colts 10-7

Jacksonville Jaguars 5-12

Houston Texans 2-15

Titans got better on offense, Derrick Henry might be the best player in the NFL and while they have some deficiencies on defense, they’re improving. I don’t trust the QB in Indy but other than that they have a good roster across the board.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs 12-5 *

Los Angeles Chargers 11-6 *

Las Vegas Raiders 8-9

Denver Broncos 6-11

Kansas City will take a step back this year, Super Bowl losers usually do but the Chargers aren’t quite ready to take over the division, yet.

AFC Playoffs

  1. Titans

  2. Bills

  3. Browns

  4. Chiefs

  5. Patriots

  6. Chargers

  7. Ravens

AFC Wildcard Playoffs

Bills over Ravens

Browns over Chargers

Chiefs over Patriots

AFC Divisional Playoffs

Titans over Chiefs

Bills over Browns

AFC Championship

Titans over Bills

Chiefs will not be heading to their 4th straight AFC championship game. Titans put it all together, host throughout the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 10-7 *

New York Giants 9-8 *

Washington Football Team 8-9

Philadelphia Eagles 7-10

I could make a case for every team in the NFC East to win the division but with Dak back and presumably healthy, the Cowboys are the class of this division.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 13-4 *

Minnesota Vikings 10-7 *

Chicago Bears 8-9

Detroit Lions 3-14

Packers have won 13 games each of the last two seasons and they will do it again. Now, can they finally win in the playoffs?

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-5 *

Carolina Panthers 9-8

Atlanta Falcons 8-9

New Orleans Saints 7-10

Tampa Bay will struggle at times in the regular season, just like last season but will ultimately still make the playoffs.

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams 14-3 *

San Francisco 49ers 12-5 *

Seattle Seahawks 10-7

Arizona Cardinals 8-9

Rams might be the best team in the NFL on paper. How Matthew Stafford plays will determine how great the Rams can be, they will cruise in this division. 49ers are healthy and will be back in the playoffs.

NFC Playoffs

  1. Rams

  2. Packers

  3. Buccaneers

  4. Cowboys

  5. 49ers

  6. Vikings

  7. Giants

NFC Wildcard Playoffs

Packers over Giants

Buccaneers over Vikings

49ers over Cowboys

NFC Divisional Playoffs

Rams over 49ers

Packers over Buccaneers

NFC Championship

Rams over Packers

It’s hard repeating in the NFL and the Buccaneers will find that out this year, Packers get revenge. Rams vs. 49ers playoff game could be the game of the year. Packers once again come up short in the NFC Championship game, this time to the Rams.

Super Bowl LVI

Los Angeles Rams 31 over Tennessee Titans 20

Super Bowl MVP: Matthew Stafford

A rematch of Super Bowl XXXIV. For the second year in a row, the NFC Super Bowl representative will be playing in their home stadium and once again the home team will hoist the Lombardi trophy.

Season Awards:

MVP: Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee

OPOY: Matthew Stafford, QB, Los Angeles

DPOY: Myles Garrett, DE, Cleveland

OROY: Mac Jones, QB, New England

DROY: Micah Parsons, LB, Dallas

CPOY: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina

COY: Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers

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