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2021: Year of the Leg Tat

Every year, we here at CSBS set a new theme for the year. The theme can be anything, 2020 was year of the suck and of the Roache. 2019: was the year of double digit tattoos. 2021: is the year of the leg tat. How did CSBS determine that 2021 was the year of the leg tat? Well we here at CSBS have been sculpting our legs by doing leg presses, leg extensions, lunges and of course squats. And by we I mean of course only me. With all due respect, Mr. Dennitt, @coachroache wears size 20 length pants and has the legs of a middle aged pop warner referee. Boom Boom has long chicken legs that is fueled exclusively by daily corn muffins. Then you turn to me, what do I have? White marble legs that look as though they were hand crafted in a science lab. So what do we do when we have the best looking legs since the late great A.C. Slater?

You put a giant tattoo on them steel beam like legs. We've said it once and we'll say it again, we here at CSBS don't think you can even be considered cool until you have multiple tattoos, how do you make yourself more bad ass? A leg tat. As by far and away the resident cool guy by a country mile at CSBS, we all in for leg tats this year.

We will also up the ante to all the sponsors out there, if CSBS can make $50,000 in ad revenue in 2021 each member of the CSBS will get a CSBS logo tattoo. And that is a CSBS guarantee. Did I consult the other members of CSBS on this? No, absolutely not, read the bios There's only one alpha here and it isn't Baby Bear or Momma Bear.

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