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After OTAs Roster Projection 2.0

Little late after OTAs but we are in that sweet spot of nothing but crime and trouble in the NFL, so why not get a roster projection out before someone in the NFL murders someone and takes the page views away from me. Also I've been busy, sue me.

QB: Cam, Mac, Hoyer (3)

Little change up here, they brought Hoyer back for a reason. He understands the playbook and can be a coach and mentor to Mac. He beats out Stiddy here.

RB: Breakout Season Harris, Jimmy Hands White, Smalls Stevenson, JJ Taylor (4)

See ya Brandon Bolden, you bum, see ya Sony, you bum. Sorry Roachey and Shelley

FB: Jakob Johnson (1)

Only guy for the job, easy one here kids

TE: Smith, Henry, Asiasi, Keene (4)

For purposes of special teams and an H-Back role we include Keene here

WR: Agholor, Bourne, Steve Sr all time fav Patriot Meyers, Gunner, Zuber (5)

Harry either cut or traded, Zuber who seemed to be hot in OTAs grabs a roster spot

OL: Wynn, Big Boy Brown, All World Onwenu, Shaquille, Andrews, Karras, Herron, Cunningham (8)

No change here

DT: Godchaux, Guy, Barmore, Adams (4)

No changes but I cannot wait to see these get stuff the trenches

Outside Backer/DE: Judon, Van Noy, Winnie, Wise, Jennings, Perk (6)

Something seems to be up with Winnie, keep an eye on him as we get to camp. A good candidate for a trade.

Inside Backer: Bentley, Uche, McMillan, Hightower (4)

The big surprise from the first version was Hightower cut. I think he makes it now.

Corner: Gilly, JC, Jonny Jones, Millsy, Williams (5)

No changes, Gilly is sticking still.

Safety: Dev, Phillips, Dugger (3)

Mills your mommas favorite #2 will be in this group as well

Special Teams: Slaters gon Slate, Bethel, Davis (3)

Bill loves his special teams. Wouldn't be surprised if you see 4 in this grouping, just hope it isn't Bolden.

Kicker: Folk (1)

He was the only good kicker during OTAs, Folk and his beer belly are not going anywhere

Punter: Bailey (1)

The best punter in NFL history tries to lead his team back to the playoffs.

Long Snap: Cardona (1)

Navy guy, Bill guy, All around great guy

Gray Pants (1)

Hot rumor in the streets that the Pats will add gray pants to their home unis. I am all in for that, will be a sharp look.

In this version we don't have Stiddy, Harry, or Sony on the team. Personally if I was giving up a QB it would be Cam. If it was roachey he'd sign him to a 10 year 100 mill deal.

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