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Arenado To The Cardinals

Many moons ago when we first tried this blog and podcast thing, I would have been laughed at for a post like this. Years later, not much has changed except I probably would’ve held back on this one for the fear of being mocked where today, I stand proud in my love for a sport that can’t get out of its own way and learn with the times.

So the story: Nolan Arenado is heading the land of Nelly and the St. Lunatics after a deal was reached less than an hour ago. Thank you for delivering the news “Mr. Bow Tie“ Kenny Rosenthal.

Cardinals get an All-Star third baseman with a damn smooth swing and a glove as smooth as Uncle Stevie’s babyface.

The curveball here is the anticipated return. Now I reserve full judgement until it is finalized but the Rockies are giving up a future with one of the best corner infielders in the league right now. They had him sign an eight year extension almost two years ago and POOF, he’s gone. The purple and black are getting NOTHING significant in return. I‘m not one to poke at another man, especially when they have made it to the biggest stage of the sport I love and I didn’t even sniff a D3 college team, but these guys - even if it’s six of them - still don’t hold a candle to what Arenado brings to a team right now.

Bold move, Colo, let’s see if it pays off.

The other thing that strikes me is the fact that DeJong, Goldy and Yadi (likely) in the mix with Arenado still only makes this Cardinals team the favorite in the Central and MAYBE give them a chance to get bounced in the divisional series. Though if you’re giving up a couple of Jose Canseco rookie cards and a Roache signature, it’s worth it.

Nelly! Play us out!

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