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Bauer’s Going Back To LA

The last real big fish has found its new pond. Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer is headed to the Dodgers in his return to LA where he tossed the rock for the UCLA Bruins as a youngling.

Bauer made his journey well documented with the help of his agent Rachel Luba, on social media by constantly putting poor Jon Heyman into the dunce corner every time he tweeted Bauer’s name and throwing up tweets and videos showing the free agent road.

Bauer was a great get for COVID World Series Champions. He’s a gamer. Has some Uncle Stevie style swag. Had a great COVID shortened season. And will be a welcomed addition to the likes of Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler and Dustin May.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I don’t think Bauer is the ACE MONEY he just signed for. $102 mill with $85 of it in the first two season. THAT IS SILLY MONEY.

Lifetime 3.90 ERA and .540 win percentage does not equal that kind of money in my mind. But all it takes is one team to reset the market and now the money is going to HAVE TO fly around in the future.

Bauer, like I said above, is a good get for the Dodgers because he is going to battle game in and game out but I don’t see him repeating his 1.73 ERA of a year ago. Not any time soon.

Sorry Trev! Just prove me wrong instead of attacking me on Twitter please!

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