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Belichick Just Handed Brady #8

How? They aren't even on the same team anymore.

Bill resigned Cam to be his starting QB, what a terrifically terrible move. Brady and his Bucs have a clear path to go back to back with no clear foes close to stopping them. If the Patriots grabbed James G or someone that can actually throw and run an offense they could have been the team to stop the Bucs. But Bill has taken a page out of the Danny Ainge playbook and just rerun a team that has no shot. What a kick in the dick if you are a Pats fan, a guy that shotputs a ball because he can't throw it properly, a guy that throws countless picks on screen passes. What free agent receiver is going to be like, hell yea I want to join the Pats so Cam can throw the ball directly in the dirt 10 yards in front of me. I get it that Cam and Bill like each other, well I like Coach Roache but I would never sign him to play basketball when I become an NBA Gm. Why? Because he is tiny and can't ball. Now I will say that it is early in the offseason so let Bill do his thing and see where we end up. But it appears we will have another year of 5 TD passes, Cam Balls directly into the dirt, more picks than TDs, and 8-10 three and outs a game. and Woof City, Population Foxboro.

Whom is the only winner with this news? The best punter in NFL history, that's who.

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