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Boston Sports Only Hope At A Title This Year Is Tuukka Rask and One Bruins Line

You know your teams are not in good shape when your only hope at a title in the 4 majors, lies directly on Tuukka Rask's weak ass shoulders, YIKES. It is not so much the state of the Bruins as it is where the other teams are at. The Pats made it official they don't even want to go to the playoffs, Danny Ainge has made it clear he is fine with just going to the playoffs and losing, and the Red Sox don't have one pitcher worth a damn.

The Bruins are a regular season wagon, no doubt, read my older Bruins blog. They have been dominant in the reg szn for years, but with the fragility of their top line and the fact that that loser Rask has to be the one to win them the Cup doesn't bode well for a championship this year. The Bruins top line (top line, not that dumbass nickname "perfection line", probably given to them by that ass clown Jack Edwards) is the best line in hockey, no doubt. The problem is it's the Bruins only line. If one out of Bergy, Noseface or Pasta goes down with an injury or isn't close to 100% for the playoffs the Bruins have zero shot to win. That isn't a good spot to be in, everything has to go exactly perfect and Tuukka has to somehow not dump his pants in Game 7 on the Cup final for them to be the only ones to raise a banner in Boston this year. I quite frankly don't like our chances. It stinks that this is the state of Boston sports, we have had a tremendous run, it is over now, but boy I am addicted to winning. All I want to do is to win and not lose.

Everyone it is time to put all your eggs in the Bruins basket, it is the only basket we have, but be very careful, Uncle Stevie has warned you.

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