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Brad Stevens Nice Guy, Not a Good Coach

My reaction watching the Celtics in a close game late in the fourth quarter

No beating around the bush here, just get down to it, Stevie Kid. Brad Stevens is not a good coach. Stevens doesn't coach his team, doesn't run plays or strategies, just rolls the ball out there and watches like the rest of us. No coach in NBA history would continually let Marcus effing Smart play on their team, not one single coach, not even John Chaney RIP. Stevens does and Stevens is enabling Smart to act like an absolute donkey on a nightly basis. Smart doesn't care about winning or the team, he only cares about shooting (poorly) and trying to score points (also poorly). Stevens is at his 2nd worst when the game is on the line late in the 4th quarter. The Celtics are consistently turrible down the stretch and that is directly tied to their coach. Down a point or two he doesn't call a play, he lets Tatum handle the ball and bomb a 30 ft three ball. Down 1 or 2, doesn't matter. Makes zero sense. Smart has taken last second shots, Smart! Stevie Wonder would watch and even recognize that damn probably shouldn't let that cat shoot at all let alone in the 4th quarter! But, Stevie he led Butler to the finals twice! Whoop-de-doo, you know what also happened in those finals? He lost. And that brings us to Brad Steven's worst trait? He is a gigantic loser. Big games he coaches his worst, without fail, every single time. Lights too bright? Crumbles under pressure? Or gets exposed in the biggest moments because??? You guess right kids, he isn't that good of a coach. But is Stevens the problem? Is Smart the problem? Nope and nope batman. The next guy up in our series and leader of the Bad 3, overrated and one night wonder, Danny Ainge. In the meantime here's a good read to prepare for the Danny blog:

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