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Brady Does It Again!

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just won Super Bowl 55!

What stood out to me?

Mahomes: not great Pat. Not great.

And last years WIN wasn’t much better. Except you at least found the end zone a pair of times.

I‘ve been a Mahomes doubter since day one. Ask my brother-in-law. Am I wrong? Probably. But I just don’t see him being close to the greatest of all-time and I never have. Does he make the insane look easy? Do his no look passes get a rise out of our silent sponsor Cumma? I just can’t see him legitimately carrying bad teams to new heights and instead just continuing to take very good teams (even if Damon Huard was QB) to exactly where they should be.

Will I be proven wrong over time? Maybe. But I can’t stop this feeling because everyone else wants me to... not happening. Next!

Brady in 8K: He looks good.

Enough said.

Spagnuolo: What a feather in the cap of this game for Brady knowing how he has struggled against Stevie Spagz in the past. Must’ve felt good dropping a pair of dimes to Gronky Donkey in the big game to secure number 7!

Commercials: Were there any good ones? I’m leaning toward a fair number of 4. FOUR. Four good commercials this year. I understand the COVID ones. Sure. Go nuts. But the commercials used to be half of the fun of the game And it just doesn’t feel like that to me. Maybe it’s age because my kids are big time into them and were disappointed too! That’s what I’m going with.

Bucs D-Line vs. Chiefs O-Line: Biggest mismatch of the night as far as I’m concerned. collapse after collapse of that girl-jeans sized pocket around Mahomes. Makes you think if a flashy quarterback that can spin a 360 and toss a 30 yard pass downfield is really all it’s cracked up to be.

Honey Badger: That mans crazy. I like him

but he’s crazy. He can ball out there 1000% but getting flustered in the Super Bowl over a questionable call is NOT, I repeat NOT, going to help your team. Also, i know you don’t give a hoot but maybe don’t smack talk Brady next time. Free advice. Do with it what you will.

Lastly, Arians: Winning in spite of him is an excellent way to win. Smartest thing the meathead has done is let other people coach and just take credit. Genius.

So, congrats Tom, Gronk and Playoff Lenny, who I like now. AB, Arians, Evans, Godwin and the red-head center... no congratulations for you. Boo you.

Happy Baseball season almost!

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