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BREAKING: JJ Watt to New England (maybe)

Look at me joining the rest of New England in the news. Not just New England but about 1/2 of the teams in the NFL are likely saying the same thing right now after Watt's release from the Texans.

Now, I have no doubt that the Patriots are interested. The real question is, should they be? And as much as I want to say NO, I have convinced myself that, for the right price, I would definitely take a chance on him. Sure, he's older and always hurt but why not take him for a couple million in the books plus incentives. I think he'd be a good presence in the locker room and depending on which of the old regime, that passed on last season due to COVID concerns, come back this coming season it could be a benefit to have a veteran leader.

The couple of issues I see coming with that are the fact that he's not a 'winner' and likely won't be available for the price the Patriots shouldn't exceed.

First - the winner thing. I don't think it's a huge deal, after a season like the one the Patriots just experienced (first losing season since Belichick's first year in 2000). I think there is always a chance for someone to become a winner when put into a stronger winning situation and without a doubt Belichick gives that opportunity. Doubters would say "Look at Cam, bleh". Like everything, each situation is different. Cam shot cannon balls out of his arm that landed COVID distance from him all year. I'll counter with a "Look at Kyle Van Noy". On a Detroit team that just wasn't doing it but went to the Pats and succeeded and earned himself a bigger paycheck because of it.

That won't be the case for Watt - trying to earn a bigger paycheck. He is looking for a team that is going to get him to the Super Bowl. There's only a handful of teams that can do that, and with the right quarterback, I fully believe that the Patriots could be at least a contender in the AFC next year.

Second point is the price. I say a couple million but wouldn't exceed the 3-4 million mark. This guy is coming off of a $16 million dollar year and is likely going to get bigger money offers elsewhere. So how realistic is Watt to the Patriots? Not very.

I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to Tampa and tried to ride Brady's coat tails in the 'fun' TB sun.

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