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Bye, Bye, Bye

What is he referring to? So many questions about such a great title of a blog!!

Well I’m joining Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in saying *N’Sync ya later to the national anthem before every athletic event.

From the looks of it, he will probably start playing it again relatively quickly after the league said that it will honor its tradition. BUT, I love the move and more than just because his reasoning behind it, which is a good one as far as I’m concerned.

I have heard countless anthems in my time in D3 college Athletics. Three seasons of multiple games a week, sometimes three games/anthems in one day. I love the anthem. I’ve got a nice little drum beat that I can rock with it while I have my hand on my chest despite the social norm of not doing it. (Rebel). That isn’t the point though. You know what is?

No? Not even a little? Good - me either. It seems strange that, because millionaires are being paid their millions to play a sport, they need to listen to our nation‘s anthem before they take part in said sport. Then, because of those millionaires- college kids, high school kids and even some younger generations follow suit and play it before they play those said sports for zero millions.

Wild if you really think about it. I totally get playing the anthem for sporting events like 1) The Olympics 2) International competitions (i.e. soccer friendlies, etc.) 3) maybe the President is in attendance or 4) a historic event like a 9/11 just happened and it’s a calling moment of unity for our country. Some would argue we need that peace and unity every day in this country which is fair. But that shouldn’t be on just the sports world to take on the shoulders.

They are all a business. Entertainment business even. The only entertainment business asked to play the countries anthem before every event. Broadway is the entertainment business right? Do they partake? No. I go to the movies with the fam, do I need to stand for the anthem first? Then why sports? Who did this and why? I hope Cuban starts a shark tank revolution with this and we can not do this every single game of every single season. Super Bowl?? Sure. Sunday afternoon Browns vs. Lions?? Psshh, nahhhh.

So join me in the movement of saying Bye, Bye, Bye to playing the national anthem before every single sporting event!

JT! Taj me out!

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