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Cam Newton Speaks To Youth

If you have the internet at your fingertips you’ve probably seen the video of Cam Newton being trash-talked at a 7v7 football camp this past weekend.

Couple takeaways from it for me are the lack of ingenuity from the high school kid and how Cam, who knows he stunk this year, still took a high road despite being nearly bullied by a 15 year old.

The kid, who has since apologized, gave nothing worth fighting for to the back-and-forth. It was like an argument that wasn’t really an argument because one side of the two only wanted to be difficult or just get the other frazzled. The kid’s plan didn’t really work either. Sure, Cam stopped, which I definitely wouldn’t have done, but the kid called him a - wait for it - “free agent!”

That’s it? That is what you come with? Nothing about the horrendous year he had this past season and how the weekly repeat button of “I need to do better” was laughable?? Nope- the lack of creativity this young man shows is the real crime here. The TikTok generation shows week in and week out that they’ve got plenty of creative, allbeit annoying at times, things going on up in those brains of theirs. Yet, we get stuck with this kid who has the cajones to speak up but the lack of innovation to get a real good poke at Cam. Tough.

As for Cam- he’s probably still on edge about how rough his 2020 season was so to be able to at least calmly approach a kid that’s (poorly) chirping you is a good thing. You’ve seen plenty of times that professional athletes get riled up quickly and then get in trouble for dropping an F bomb or getting in someones face or the wild Malice at the Palace type of breakdown. They are “just like us” they always say. And most of “us“ would’ve had a “say that to my face” moment and instead Cam just says “I need to talk to your father.” Wild turn of events. So good on you future 2nd year quarterback of the New England Patriots. Hopefully all of the reasons you weren’t great this last season magically disappear and you can at least get the Patriots back into the playoff bye week.

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