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@Coachroache Nate Solder Memorial Liked Tweet of the Week

When we need to kill some time, one of our favorite pastimes here at CSBS is going through @coachroache's liked tweets, and what a wild ride it is. It all started when @coachroache liked and retweeted this tweet from Nate Solder:

Preposterous that coachroache thought he could even rationalize agreeing with Solder that raising kids is harder than playing in the NFL. How close has coachroache been to playing in the NFL? About the same distance between Earth and the Sun, but yet he agrees with Solder. And here we are, I've monitored roache's liked tweets for years now when I want a good laugh and something to keep me busy. It's a wild place too ranging from Disney crap, Dad crap, a ton of baseball crap, some football stuff, and D3 college sports crap. So this will be a recurring weekly blog dedicated solely to @coachroache liked tweets. And without further ado, the winner for the week of 1/31/2021:

He managed to find a tweet somewhere that combined his two favorite things baseball crap and dad crap. Just an unreal tweet when you think about it, where did Roache even find this? We may never know. But the one thing that is undeniable is the #BaseballTruth hashtag, it might be the greatest hashtag in the history of hashtags. It is so mystifying, what does it mean? What does it have to do with being a dad? Has baseball always told the truth? I've been thinking of this hashtag non-stop since I went through Roache's twitter likes and I can tell you one thing I will be stealing it going forward and that's the #BaseballTruth

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