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@Coachroache Nate Solder Memorial Liked Tweet of the Week

I need to start out with apologizing not only to the CSBS community but to the world. I feel like Dwight when he tried to get Kelly into the Sabre Print in All Colors management training program. All I tried to do with this vertical was to bring light to a mystifying place on the internet, Roache's liked tweets. How he can possibly like so many tweets in one week, while having a job sort of, a family, a million kids, a million animals, and watch, You and I will never know. Roachey is a good guy, nice enough dude, that I've known for over 15 years, which if you ask me sucks more for Roachey then it does for me. But I've done far worse then when Dwight created the Kelly monster capable of his own destruction, I have created TWO monsters that if I never did this damn comedy blog the world would have never even known about it. It is like when the US dropped the first atomic bomb, once that technology is out there and people know about its destructive nature the world is forever changed, and not for the good. It all started with this preposterous liked tweet:

A dumb tweet about baseball, "daddy ball" which Boom Boom has absolutely typed into the Hub at least once before, and the hashtag #baseballtruth. I shouldn't have touched this one, but I did and that dropped an atomic bomb in which we can never turn back from. That clown Troy Silva with the flat brimmed hat in his avi looking like a 21st Century Ginger Abe Lincoln, took the publicity from the blog I wrote and did this heinous crime:

26 Likes, @CoachRoache likely being the first. A hat as preposterous as the hashtag. A hat so ugly even the people that stormed the capital would say, "nah, this is too far man". What does BaseballTruth mean? No one knows, no one wants to know, and because of this hashtag we are dumber as a society. And I have to apologize for this, this is squarely on me, I should have just stayed in my lane, and stayed out of @CoachRoache's liked tweets. I don't have many regrets in life but this is definitely one of them.

This wasn't my first choice for a Roachey liked tweet either it was this gem:

And write something like: "I tweeted this pan to Roachey to make fun of him, and he goes ahead and likes the tweet directly in my face because he is rubber and I'm glue. I wish I loved anything in life as much as Roachey loves cast-iron pan tweets and Charlie Morton's WHIP." Quick, easy, cute. No harm, no foul. But nope, just as I'm about to publish, Roache's likes, and then SENDS us the BaseballTruth hat tweet and I just knew I needed to apologize to the world. I've made many mistakes in my life and BaseballTruth hurts more then the rest.

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