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Cocky Collins, One of the Best Ever

What a name, what a player, what a face. Who is Cocky Collins you ask? Well only one of the best baseball players of all time, that's all. Born Edward Trowbridge Collins Sr., he somehow got the name Cocky. Was it his demeanor? Was it is the Louisville Slugger hiding in his pants? We may never truly know because this guy played from 1906-1930. He went to Columbia, ever heard of it? But what makes this Cocky guy better than old loser Teddy Ballgame? Well it's just that, this Cocky mofo is a winner. A real big time winner. He won 6 World Series titles. That is 6 more than Ted Williams, Johnny Tiny Pesky, Yaz, Carl Fisk, James Rice, Dewey Evans, Luis Tiant, and the great Mike The Gator Greenwell......combine. So yea, hes pretty freaking good. He's the only non-Yankee to win 5 or more titles with one team, a remarkable achievement, that Big Papi wasn't even able to accomplish and he's the greatest Red Sox player of all time. Cocky is a lifetime .333 hitter, with 3,315 hit, 745 stolen bags, 1,300 RBIs, and 47 home runs. He played the game the right way, never took roids like Teddy Williams, that fraud Ruth, Papi, Manny, Arod, Pujols, he is also the only player in the history of baseball to steal 6 bags in a game twice.. That is my kind of ball player. He is easily the greatest 2nd baseman of all time, sorry Remy and Dbag Peddy. If he would have played shortshop, he would have been the best shortstop of all time, far better than Jeter, Arod, and Nomar. And his greatest attribute is how he played in the World Series games, battled .328, with 10 walks, just 11 strikeouts, with 14 stolen bags, in 34 total World Series games while winning 6 titles. If you compare those numbers to Ted Williams, who some delusional red sox fans think is the greatest baseball player ever. In 5 games Williams hit .200, with 1 RBI, 5 Ks, 5 walks, and zero stolen bases. Cocky Collins was a behemoth compared to choke artist Teddy Ballsgame.

Cocky Collins is in the top 3 for the greatest the beautiful game has ever seen. A winner, a ball player, and owner of the greatest nickname in nickname history. From all of us here at CSBS we tip the cap to you, Cocky.

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