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Crunch Time!!

Who will the Red Sox land? It’s getting down to the final hours and they need to pull the trigger on something.

Starting Pitcher:

They are talking about picking up one of two significant arms. Either option could help solidify their starting rotation.

Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer doesn’t need much of an introduction. If you don’t know him, this is all you should need to understand what you are getting in a pitcher.

Crazy eyes! Mad Max! Sox should work a little harder to try and land this one.

Jose Berrios

Jose is a two-time all-star and one of the Twins best pitchers. He’s certainly capable of the front end of the rotation as he typically sports a sub 4.00 ERA and at the age of 27, could be something worth locking up for a couple more years.

First Base

Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo is the only name being floated around and he isn’t in the Cubs lineup tonight so the likelihood of him moving is pretty high.

Many fans are done with the Dalbec/Chavis experience and the team could certainly benefit from the lefty they drafted back in ‘07.

I don’t see any other names going across the dial but don’t count the Sox out of a move in these coming hours.

Sidenote- I don’t know if the Joey Gallo move changes the scope of the season for the Yankees, so don’t worry too much about it Fenway Faithful.

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