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Dear Lady Asking For Brady Apology

So there are tweets upon tweets that a lady, whose name I have no interest in knowing, is asking for an apology from Tom Brady for throwing the Super Bowl trophy. As much as I want to play the fence here, I honestly can not fathom a scenario where an apology was in order.

And although most of my posts have been Brady-centric lately, I wouldn’t care if this was Trent Dilfer, Joe Flacco or the water boy. There is nowhere on this earth for an apology for this.

A scenario that I see as similar is a chef at a high end restaurant making food to-go, me bringing the food home and my kids throwing it across the room into another kids face/mouth. The chef is the trophy maker, I am the NFL purchasing the trophy and my kids are Brady throwing the trophy/food. If it were broadcast across the internet, would my kiddos owe an apology?? Nope!

This is wild stuff here that I can’t even think of a good ONE reason why am apology would be in order for this. Not one. Wait- she is looking for some TV time as the daughter of a metal making man. That’s one. Fine, TWO reasons.

So to the rest of the Bucs as they travel across the western shore of the Sunshine State, toss that thing like you mean it. Except to Mike Evans because he will probably get held a little and cry thus missing the pass.

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