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Did we just witness Jake Bailey have the best season by any player in Patriots history?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The answer is yes, yes we just did see the best season by a Patriot ever. Some of you out there might be like what the F, no way, no how. Sure when you think of best season performances by a Patriot you instantly think Brady and Moss in '07, those are flashy and certainly grabbed headlines leading the team to a 16-0 record. Yes, I enjoyed watching that season too, and until 2020 it was the best a Patriot has ever played. But I'm a fundamental guy in all sports, Timmy Duncan, my guy, Stevie Nash, him too, and then there's Jake Bailey. Good looking dude, has a hot girlfriend with the first name of Bailey (there will be future Bailey Bailey blog, coming soon),

and oh he's the best punter in the NFL and maybe the best punter the NFL has ever seen. Not too big of a deal but he just had the best season any punter has ever had at any level. Before we get too far, I don't do research, I'm not a huge stat nerd, I'm an eye balls guy, more specifically I am a laser eye balls guy, got these eye balls zapped up by a laser (Go Lasers) in 2018 so I see the game better than most, not to brag.

The 2020 Patriots were not a good team, 7-9 record, with a bruising running back/tight end attempting to play Quarterback, spoiler alert, it didn't work out. But what does this 2020 team have in common with the 2007 team, you ask? Well a few things, both teams didn't win the Super Bowl, and both teams featured the best seasons by certain positional players. In 2007 Tom Brady and Randy Moss set TD records at their positions as we all know. The 2020 team featured Gunner Olszewski, having the best punt return season by a Patriot ever and one of the best in NFL history. but what is the biggest takeaway from the 2020 season? Jake Bailey, momma there goes that man. He punted a lot because the offense was led by a "QB" that had to shot put the football rather than throw it. Bailey (the punter, not the girlfriend)

had to punt from everywhere, he launched the most powerful bombs the world has seen since Nagaski, he launched piercing sky balls slicing through the monsoon rain that Lamar Jackson couldn't even run through, and his specialty downing the ball inside the 20. I've never seen a punter be so effing good at landing the ball inside the 20, more specifically inside the 5 without a touchback than Bailey during the 2020 season. For all the stat nerd bags out there, Bailey had 55 punts, 31 inside the 20 and 5!!! touchbacks. Just simply incredible. He will never get his due because he is a punter, but he put together the best season we've ever seen from a punter and how I would know? Because I'm the second best punter I've ever seen, right behind, you guessed it Jake Bailey. The season he had is in fact more impressive than Brady and Moss in 2007, it was a joy to watch him, and it's scary to think he has only played two seasons and will only get better from here. Give him the gold jacket now.

Jake if you see this, send me a jersey to rock next season, thanks.

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