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Fans Are Back, The Governor Saved The Celtics

So the Bruins just tied up their first home game with fans in the stands only to lose about 6 seconds into OT. But who cares about wins and losses when you can do it in front of your faithful fans?!?

(Photo courtesy of @NHLBruins Twitter)

This made me think of the legendary coach Brad Stevens. He noted in an interview a few weeks ago that one of the things his team needed to play better is fans cheering them on. Obviously the poor play on the court can be rectified by a couple thousand people spitting profanities into their soon-to-be soaking wet masks! It’s that simple! The Bruins showed it tonight!

So let me take this time to say congratulations to the Celtics and the man that is vehemently denying his interest in the Indiana Hoosiers job. Congrats! You did it! I am excited for the countless home wins you will have to close out the season and those that will be claimed when (if) you make the playoffs!

Somebody get this team an easy button! Fans are back!

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