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For Shame!

This is ridiculous. Awful. Unbelievable and yet completely believable based on what we know of a great crop of folks that can vote.

Major League Baseball has a lot of work to do on their sport. The other cherubs that produce content for this site will be the first to tell you. Where does fixing the Hall of Fame voting land on their list as far as I’m concerned? Not at the top but this is definitely top five.

I don’t know what to make a bigger deal of right now? The fact that there were 14 blank ballots submitted or the fact that no one was voted in despite the fact 14 ballots were empty.

It’s a tragedy that the BBWAA is so self righteous and self-involved that they can’t simply look at the scope of a players career and say “YES. He’s a Hall of Famer.” I think they should go to a vote of former players, current Hall of Famers, instead of the baseball writers. If I was a part of the BBWAA, I wouldn’t even accept the opportunity to vote because I wouldn’t want to be connected with this group.

These writers that enjoyed the clicks or newspaper sales every time Bonds sent one into the Cove or when Manny stood hands high at home are now saying they weren’t good enough then despite the numbers all pointing otherwise. It’s despicable. Atrocious.

As crazy as Cuckoo Curt is, I think he’s onto something by asking to take his name out of the vote for 2022. Bold move Cuckoo! Maybe the rest should follow suit. The guys that don’t have a real chance on next years ballot should do it. Bonds and Clemens should. They know how filthy they were. Who needs a writers club to say it??

New idea: make the vote a fan vote. That would at least bring some entertainment to a slow and, as Uncle Stevie would say, dying sport.

Now the rest of baseballs problems - that’s another day.

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