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Game Changers: Toilet Light

Close your eyes, imagine a history changing invention that will completely change your life. Okay now open your eyes and scroll

Yes you are looking at what experts are calling "The greatest invention of the 21st Century" Bill Gates, ever heard of him? I got this toilet light in my stocking for Christmas 2020 and I'll tell you what I've been living the good life in the bathroom ever since. What was my life like before toilet light? Torture, nightmare, inconvenient. I refuse to turn on the bathroom light if I have to drain the sea monster at night or early in the morning., messes with my REM cycles. I would consistently miss the toilet because it was pitch black at 3am and if I didn't hear water I knew I was in trouble. But now with toilet light in my life, oh buddy, now I am like Chef Curry from 35 feet. Motion activated light wakes up as soon as I step foot in the bathroom, I do my business with pinpoint accuracy and I am in bed before anyone knows what happened. So here's to you Toilet Light, thank you for bringing light into my life.

Toilet Light 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

10 out 10 bombs

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