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Home Run Derby 2021

It’s the second matchup of the semis and I am SHOCKED my body has not caved on me. Yet here I am being a true, gritty survivor.

Wanted to take a moment and plead the case for the Derby as ”Best All-Star Event”. Is there an ongoing discussion amongst sports fans about this? I assume so. I know the CSBS crew has had a few back and forths since our initial gathering back in 2007.

The basketball events for NBA All-Star are pretty good. I enjoy them more than others but the Home Run Derby is always the best.

McGwire at Fenway was electric! Josh Hamilton at Yankee Stadium was awesome! Griffey was a blast to watch!

And this year was FUN! No matter how it ends!! two first round matchups were one homerun differences with the “underdog” getting the edge. Alonso dropped a new first round record of like 35! Soto and Ohtani tie after their round! Then tie after the extra minute! Then Soto hits three bombs in the three swing swing-off to win it! 🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️⚡️

For me, there is something BEAUTIFUL about an absolute BOMB 💣, MOONSHOT 🌙. Each one that goes about 475 foot plus makes me gasp!

And add the story lines of this year‘s Derby; Ohtani being electric, Pete Alonso getting a 5 seed in his attempt to repeat (I admit, not a big story line), Trevor Story doing the homefield attempt and, of course, Trey Mancini.

With the Alonso/Mancini final, MLB gets an easy story. Alonso repeating or the comeback kid, Mancini.

Me? I’m rooting for a never ending swing off like the first round 1vs8 matchup!! But twist my arm, I think Mancini pulls it off. (Time stamp 10:33p, middle of his finals swings)

This is always a fun night no matter how many times I’m wrong about who will win each round or who will win it all. That’s why I let the 7 year old pick. Go dingers go! 🚀🚀🚀

UPDATE: Alonso had a chance to win by 5-6 but took the win with ease. He’s a stud. Darn Polar Bear!

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