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I Am Officially #Done With The Celtics

Last night was my breaking point. Getting worked over by the Cavs would have been somewhat okay 5 years ago. But now with that team?? Nope I am #done with you. I want no part of these Celtics. They flat out stink, don't try, don't care about winning, and as an organization nothing is changing. It'll be the same team next year with the same results. I would give a damn if the owners, GMs, coaches, and players actually tried hard and did everything they possibly could to win, but this team doesn't care at all. So I am out, you're a bunch of clowns. Much like after watching the Red Sox last year after 5 innings of their first game I knew they'd be one of the worst teams in MLB history so I stopped following and watching altogether. The Celtics took me a little longer to get there but I am #done with them. I won't be following them, watching another one of their sorry games for the rest of the season. Only way I come back this season is if they fire their horrible coach, fire their lame duck GM, and trade half the roster. The only player I may keep would be Tatum but even he isn't an untouchable on my list. It is time to blow this team up and start over, but as we've seen many times the owners won't do that. They have zero stones to clean house and start over. It is a sad state of affairs and to make it sadder (and make Roachey go from 6 to midnight) I am far more interested in the Red Sox at this point in time. Which is stunning because baseball flat out STINKS and Lebron somehow owns us.

Goodbye 2020-2021 Celtics, I wish I broke it over sooner because you are a bunch of sad sack losers. The Celtics now have the worst future in Boston sports and that includes the Red Sox, stunning to say the least.

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