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I Hate The Crap Out of Marcus Smart and You Should Too

This was going to be a Celtics series on the Bad 3 Smart, Stevens, and Ainge. But I can't sit idly by and let the Celtics organization enable this ass clown anymore. Smart is the worst basketball player to ever play in the NBA, he can't shoot, he can't drive, he has zero offensive skill, people talk about he's a great defender but he certainly is not, his team gives up 110-120 on a nightly basis. People always say he does all the stuff that doesn't show up on the stat sheet to help the team win. Great, I'm not a stat game, I'm an eyeballs guy. But have any of you idiots watched the games? Like actually watched with your own eye balls. Smart only helps the team when he isn't on the floor. He is more often than not a negative player on a nightly basis, and who do we have to blame for all of this, Smart? That would be too easy of an answer, but no Smart is not to blame. If I were able to get paid to play a game I'm clearly not qualified for like Smart, I too would launch 3s non stop, hey I'm getting paid what do I care. This is exactly how Smarty plays the game and whom do we have to blame? It is directly on Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge. They have enabled this play, they have enabled his attitude, his flopping, and most importantly they have enabled him to technically become a "professional basketball player".

Smart has gone on multiple interviews saying his doesn't care what anyone thinks, he is going to continue shooting and hurting the team on a nightly basis. Doesn't care about winning, doesn't care about what the coaches say or more importantly doesn't say. He only cares about himself and you simply cannot have players like that. The best possible scenario to play out for the Celtics would be to get Ainge, Stevens, and Smart off the team as quickly as possible. This is not a joke, Stevens STINKS, Ainge is a one hit wonder, just like Doc Rivers, and Smart is closer to a homeless person than he is a basketball player. The only people that are happy Smart still plays are all the families that have received homes from all the bricks he throws up and the delousional green teamers, in which Boom Boom used to be part of until I was able to show him the light. I hate Marcus Smart with every fiber in my body, he stinks, he is ruining this team, and for that you should hate Smart too.

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