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I No Longer Blog About The Celtics, But If I Did, Here's What I Would Blog

Marcus Smart, Professional Basketball Player:

This is a real NBA stat line from 2021. I purposely included the date in the screenshot so no one confused it with a 1950s YMCA game. This guy is paid millions, his only job is to play basketball and he can't even do that. Imagine you're a Chef and your only job is to get the food on a plate and 65.5% of the time you miss the plate. You wouldn't have a job for more than a few hours, right? Well get this not only does the Celtics "head coach" let Smart play, he lets him shoot, he let's him shoot 42 of his 62 shots from behind the 3pt line. Both of these guys still have jobs! In modern day basketball at a Junior Varsity level any kid on the court shoots better than 34.5% over the course of a 6 game period from the field, not "NBA player" Marcus Smart. And the green teamers say this guy is untradeable he's the glue that's holding this 21-23 team together!!! Or maybe he is the exact reason they are 21-23, he can't play basketball, they have a guy who wouldn't be the best player on a flattop court in Easton, Massachusetts playing over 30 mins a game!

I don't blog about the sorry ass Celtics anymore, but if I did, that's a sample of something I would blog.

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