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It’s a job, Cassius

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the comments made by former Patriots LB Cassius Marsh.

He said in a recent interview that the Patriots “treat players like crap”. He added that “you don’t have a lunch break”, “you’re working 9-5” and meetings are “almost like a school assembly”. He said that he “just wasn’t a fan” of playing for the Patriots.

News flash, Cassius. It’s a fucking job! It’s not supposed to be fun 24/7. It’s going to be hard, you aren’t always going to like it. Sure, it’s good to enjoy your job but it’s not always fun. Everyone has busy days, boring meetings and tough bosses. Question is, are a bitch that can’t handle it? Or do you work your ass off and get better because of it?

Talk about needing a dose of reality. Marsh mentioned how in Seattle he got to ride a scooter from meeting to meeting, got full lunch breaks and had fun, it was like a “college atmosphere”. Don’t we all wish we could ride around work all day on a scooter, get extended lunch breaks and have more fun time, those 8 hour days with all those meetings are a bit much. The fact that he thinks he deserves longer breaks, quicker meetings and more fun is exactly the reason why he sucks as an NFL player.

He’s a loser, plain and simple. He lasted half a season in New England. It’s not a Patriots problem, it’s a Cassius Marsh problem. What do you say about players like Devin McCourty and Matt Slater who have been here for 10+ years? They seem to enjoy it here in New England, they embrace the Patriot Way, they work hard, they take to coaching and they are winners and Patriots legends because of it.

The Patriots culture is about hard work and dedication, it’s about no days off and doing your job. It’s about winning. It’s not easy being great. If you want it to be fun and easy, you are a loser and you are going to suck. There’s a reason Cassius Marsh has been on seven teams since 2014. He’s a bitch, he sucks, he doesn’t get it and he never will.

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