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Merry Christmas to Roachey & Cbaby

What a day, a day these two have been waiting for since October. How did they make it through all these months without baseball? We may never know but they did it. Whom do they root for? Everyone. Who do they wish would win? Everyone. You see Roachey and his offspring the Cbaby just like baseball and wish every team in baseball would win every game. You see they are baseball purists they want to see bunts and seeing eye singles over home runs and bat flips. Fans of players following the unwritten rules then players disrespecting the game. Rather have a 2-1 pitchers duel then a 10-9 shoot out. They hate the new baseball rules and wish every game would last 4 hours with 14 combine pitchers changes. They hate shifts but love no gloved batters. They don't care the Sox won't be playing today, all they care about is that Baseball will be played today, any day with baseball on is a good day for Roachey and Cbaby. Above all this however, their love for Charlie Morton has no bounds. So to Roachey, Cbaby, and Charlie Morton, Merry Christmas boys.

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