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MLB Continues Its Path To Destruction


It should be simple. Yet the owners and players in Major League Baseball continue on their paths of destruction.

Let’s think back to just seven or eight months ago when COVID was easing a bit and two major sports leagues figured out a safe and smart way to make their end of regular season and playoffs function. It was different, as expected, but it was at the very least a plan worth trying. In that same frame, MLB owners and players fought like children over issues that weren’t worth fighting over and it all, obviously, boiled down to money.

Who was going to make out better? Who was taking on the risk? And as much of a money-making business it is, it’s still an entertainment business that will only make its coin off the people interested in watching it. Baseball is not very high on people’s lists anymore and situations like this are a shining light as to why.

Fast forward to today and the MLBPA rejected the plan to delay the start of the season by about a month, shorten the season by 8 games and extend the playoffs.

The proposal was 💰💰 driven. Owners would pay players less with the chance of having less fans in the stands and therefore making less money on the in-stadium experience. Fine.

The reply from the Player’s Association today is at least, on the surface, a smart decision. The next CBA after the ‘21 season ends should have all of the “Hey - We need to fix this now or we will finally lose everyone except the weird die-hards that watch out-of-market games for fun” like myself. They had a slim chance at it this offseason but they can’t get out of their own way as always.

They could have achieved one of the easy fixes that could help move the game in a better direction like a universal DH but again. Tripping over themselves for reasons that I can’t comprehend.

If I wasn’t so ridiculous about this sport, I’d probably have forfeited my ability to watch anything a couple years ago because they have a problem and hopefully Theo and the Kid can fix it.

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