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My Wayyy Too Early Pats 53 Man Roster Projection

Is May way too early to do a roster projection for any football team, yes. The Pats are likely not even done building their roster. But do I live by rules, nope, never ever. Here's the first of many Pats roster projections that you'll be seeing throughout the offseason and all the way til the end of training camp.

QB: Cam, Mac, Stiddy (3)

Pretty easy one here. Stiddy would be the only question mark. Cam is the starter but hopefully Mac is up to speed soon because I can't see 7 TDs and 20 INTs this season again from Cam.

RB: The Bellcow Harris, JIMMY WHITE, Stevenson, JJ Taylor, Sony (5)

See ya Brandon Bolden, you bum

FB: Jakob Johnson (1)

Pretty easy here, Vitale took last year off, Johnson knows the system

TE: Smith, Henry, Asiasi (3)

I think Keene gets on the P-Squad and we see him at some point this season

WR: Agholor, Bourne, Steve Sr all time fav Patriot Meyers, Gunner, Harry (5)

Breakout season coming Bourne. Ernie pick Nixon to the P-Sqaud. Harry likely cut or traded in upcoming roster projections, not ready to do it right now.

OL: Wynn, Big Boy Brown, All World Onwenu, Shaquille, Andrews, Karras, Herron, Cunningham (8)

Talk about some big boy smashers in this group. Maybe the strongest positional roster on the roster other than Punter

DT: Godchaux, Guy, Barmore, Adams (4)

Like the TE position, what a difference a year makes.

Outside Backer/DE: Judon, Van Noy, Winnie, Wise, Jennings, Perk (6)

Like the TE and DT positions huge turnaround

Inside Backer: Bentley, Uche, McMillan, Terez Hall (4)

The first surprise cut: Hightower. Expensive, may have lost a step or two from taking the year off. I think Bill tries to trade him but likely will release him early in camp. Van Noy will be able to step in and help the insiders.

Corner: Gilly, JC, Jonny Jones, Millsy, Williams (5)

I think Bill sticks with this group, including Gilly.

Safety: Dev, Phillips, Dugger (3)

Light grouping here, but don't be surprised to see JMAC resigned and moved to Safety

Special Teams: Slaters gon Slate, Bethel, Davis (3)

Bill loves his special teams. Bethel and Davis can spot fill in on D here and there

Kicker: Folk (1)

After last season it will take a real stinker of a preseason for him not to make the team

Punter: Bailey (1)

Easily the best player on the team, maybe even the league. Yes, the league.

Long Snap: Cardona (1)

Navy guy, Bill guy, All around great guy

There is your May Patriots roster. Only one surprise cut in this addition.

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