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NBA All Star Game Preview

Does anyone give a rat’s ass about the NBA All Star Game anymore? It hasn’t been meaningful in over 15 years. It’s basically a boy’s weekend toget together with all your buddies and hang out. The players don’t even give a shit about the game at this point. They just go through the motions, play no defense, every play is either a launched 3 or an uncontested dunk.

Don’t even get me going on the “skills” competitions. We’ve seen every dunk known to man at this point, I don’t need to see some no name player try the same dunk I saw for the first time 20 years ago while getting 8 attempts to make it. The three point contest used to be relevant because shooting 3’s was rare and you only had a handful of players who were true 3 point shooters, now everyone shoots 3’s, there’s really no point to the three point contest anymore.

If you’ve seen one NBA All Star Game/Weekend over the last 15 years you’ve seen them all. Don’t waste your time with this charade tonight.

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