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Nothing Butt Reviews 3CHI Eddies

Who wants a ride straight to the moon? Boy, do I have your rocketship kids. 3CHI eddies, the wild thing about these bad boys, you actually order them online and they get delivered to your house! Is it legal I have no idea, I mean I guess since they keep showing up every time I order them. Personally I really enjoy the watermelon (sorry brown). When I want to have a chillaxification night I’ll do just a half. But if I want to hop in the spaceship and go straight to the moon in less than an hour I knuckle a straight fully. These things HIT. These things will have you flying through space like your Matty Damon trying to leave planet Mars after cutting a hole in his glove. It‘s a very good high too, happy, relaxed, light, without the paranoia and the nervousness of a regular Eddie. I buy these frequently as you need something to take the edge off after a long days work, and I really don’t feel like crushing booze every night like that space cadet, Keenan Scrogan Grogan.

Pop a 3chi eddie, put on a movie, lax it out, and before you know it you are sleeping in the clouds. Wake up feeling like Dusty The American Dream Rhodes and you are ready to go, like nothing even happened.

Bomb Score: Easy 10 bombs 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

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