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Nothing Butt Reviews Dirty Girl IPA, Celebrity Guest Blog Edition

Editor's Note. This review was submitted by one half of team space cadet, Keenan Scrogan Grogan. A man that hasn't met a beer or a hole he hasn't liked. He has a million kids but only likes his first born. A man that wrote the book on cheating in golf, a book he can't read, because he literally cannot read. You can see him below flying through space on stage right. This review is unedited, we at CSBS cannot be held liable in any form.

Dirty Girl IPA - Abandoned Building Brewery- East bumfuck


This dirty girl is god damn deilicious. Juicer then getting sloppy seconds and balanced at the end. Don't let the name foul you. This more of a NEIPA than an IPA.

Bomb Score: He didn't even give it one

And there you have it from someone that should only be given access to a Creed Thoughts word document.

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