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Nothing Butt Reviews Godzilla vs Kong

A much anticipated movie just dropped in theaters and BOmax, I watched it on the BOmax, easier, cheaper, and popped a 3Chi to really enjoy the show. No I am not a giant SciFi guy, I usually leave the nerd stuff to Roachey, but I've been hearing a lot of hype about this movie so why not check it out. Spoilers will be all over the joint so be prepared the 3 people that will read this.

The movie features 11 from Stranger Things, Kyle Chandler, Rebecca Hall from The Town, and maybe the hottest woman in the entire world Eiza Gonzalez

By goodness gracious. So a pretty good cast along side Kong and Godzilla. Solid story line, has some emotion to it, which would be the only part Roache would like, and then the action. You know what we came to see, the epic showdown between Kong and Godzilla, whoms going to win out? Kong would need some help right? Of course he would Godzilla shoots frickin laser beams out of his mouth.

Well Kong does find help in a battle axe that can hold the blue laser beam power that Zilla fires from his mouth. They had a couple good showdowns with good action, one even coming at sea, that was pretty cool. Then went back to their roots and end up destroying the city of Hong Kong. All good stuff, no complaints, enjoyable watch.......until the end. A robot godzilla powered by the blue laser beam, controlled by an effing fossil comes out from nowhere to start destroying Zilla and Kong and ruining the world I guess.

Zilla and Kong team up to destroy the robot Zilla controlled again by a fossil, and then Zilla and Kong go their separate ways not quite friends but also not foes, then the movie ends. So whom won Zilla vs Kong? No one, a wash, they end up fighting something else in a movie titled Godzilla vs Kong. Unreal, what a complete disappointment. Otherwise the movie was pretty good, but the ending ruined it. I need a victor, the problem with our country/world is that we are living in a participation trophy culture and there are no winners or losers, and this movie played that to a T. For that I have to take off major points, but the ending would undoubtedly leave a smile on ultimate #daddyball guy Matt Roache's face, it left me majorly disappointed.

Bomb Score: 💣💣💣💣💣

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