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Nothing Butt Reviews Nomadland

Check out the Golden Globe review blog that I recapped yesterday.

As I promised I would watch this movie since it won Best Motion Picture Drama and Bet Director, last night I did just that. Is it a good movie or is it overhyped crap that Hollywood just loves?

Well it's the overhyped crap Hollywood just loves. I'm sure some people will watch it and go wow great flick. Not me, not me by a landslide. This is one of the slowest movies I've ever seen, legit the most exciting thing to take place in this movie is a dude drops a plate. That's it! This movie is slower than Cummings trying to run out to first base, a movie so slow even Keenan Scrogan Grogan could read a book before it's over. Its about this woman whoms husband dies so she moves into a van and travels the country. Without a home, a job, or even fun as she grieves through the process. Some people may connect with this movie but not your boy Uncle Stevie. I was bored about 5 minutes in and the boredom only grew. I was waiting for some kind of bear attack or something interesting to happen and 15 hours later I am still waiting for something to happen.

My advice to you is to not watch this movie. Apparently it is getting rave reviews online, I'm not sure by whom, not me certainly. Because Hollywood is all about it, I can see this movie winning Best Picture at the Oscars and the director winning again as well. But I won't be the person championing this movie, no way no how. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and don't watch this movie, it's almost 2 hours of your life you'll never get back.

Bomb Score: Dud City, Population this movie. 💣💣💣

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