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Nothing Butt Reviews Papa Gino's Steak & Cheese Sub

As you may or may not know I am currently living in the top left corner of Massachusetts aka hell. Nothing to do, shit ass weather, and very little food options. For a few weeks now I've been craving a nice Dangelo Steak and Cheese, well as shocked as you may be the closest Dangelo is at least an hour away so that wasn't an option for me. Then I remembered that none other then Timmy Boom Boom once said a couple years ago that Papa Gina's actually had a pretty decent steak & cheese. So I decided what the hell Timmy knows food and if he says something is better than his standard "okay" review then it must be pretty good. Now you may be thinking, Stevie, why are you going to Papa Gina's for a sub and not za or cheese bread. Well their za stinks, so if I'm doing za, I'm going to places that have good za, but last night wasn't a za night. So off to Papa Gina's I went for a Steak & Cheese sub, I did end up ordering a small order of cheesy bread tho. Papa Gina's does have great cheesy bread. My expectations for the sub was low, I mean it's Papa Gina's how good could it possibly be?

And boy was the Timmy kid, right. It is a very good sub, almost identical to the Dangelo one. Which isn't surprising as they are under the same company. But I was pleasantly surprised and enjoy the hell out of it. Now Papa Gina's only has one size and that size isn't Timmy's fav Pound Me Out! that Dangelo's has to offer but a damn good sub nonetheless. So well done Papa Gina's and well done Timmy Boom Boom. Let Papa Gina's know that I will be coming back for more.

Bomb Score: 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

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