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Nothing Butt Reviews The KFC Chicken Sandwich

In an effort to become the chicken sandwich king, I had the newish KFC chicken sandwich. Now full disclose I had the new sandwich a while back, it sat in the bag and car for about an original and then I smashed it and it was not good. But because I am a man of the people and I only give honest and honorable reviews, I decided to give it a real actually try. So what did I do, I went to KFC drive through, and ate it in the car for an authentic nothing butt review.

I of course went with the spicy, its what I've reviewed on most of the chicken sandos, and I'm a rather spicy guy anyway. It is presented in a foil bag like all chicken sandies seem to be nowaways. Out of the bag it's hot, fresh and rather large, like a dream gurl for ole Timmy Boom. First bite, real good crunch, as it should be. Not overwhelming heat but a nice little kick in the seat. I proceed on devouring the thing, and it was excellent. Would absolutely do it again if I could. Nice job by KFC entering with a legit contender in the chicken wars. My new chicken sandwich power ranking goes: Popeyes, Chic, KFC, BK,........one thousand spots.......Mcdonald's. Give it a try folks I think you'll like it.

KFC Chicken Sandwich Bomb Score 8/10: 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

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