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Nothing Butt Reviews The New Burger King Hand Breaded Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Last night I decided to treat myself and have a cheat day. I had heard that BK recently released a new chicken sandy to compete with the Popeye's and Chic Fila's of the world. Now you may remember I tried the absolute abomination of a chicken sandwich that McDonald's released a couple months back. If you don't remember the review, refresh here:

I went with the spicy chicken sandwich at BK, looked good in pictures as you can see above. But does the carpet match the drapes? Just sitting in the bag this chicken sando felt like it meant business. I open the bag to reveal a paper/foil bag, okay I get it. It's what the chic fila's do so everyone must do. Alright I'm fine with that, reach in for the sandwich and there's a paper wrapper around the chicken sandwich. Sealing in all the sauce and heat, I liked this a lot, plus 1 bomb already. No crumbs or sauce to get all over my hands, outstanding work by BK to be different in a good way. I finally get the sandwich out and it is a monster, a big piece of chicken, still nice and hot, holding it's sauce and pickles as it should. Now it's go time ladies and gentlemen, I bite into it and immediately knew that this sandwich is far superior to the McDs one. It is crispy, it is meaty, and has a great balance of sauce. It isn't overly spicy, in fact I think they should turn the heat up a little bit. It has a great bun to match a great piece of chicken. I was extremely and pleasantly surprised that BK put out a great chicken sandwich. It is sitting comfortably in my #3 spot in the chicken wars, behind Popeye's and Chic Fila, and far far above the last place McDonald's which is a joke to chicken sandies everywhere. Tip of the cap to BK!

New BK Hand Breaded Spicy Chicken Sandwich Bomb Score 7/10: 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

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