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Nothing Butt Reviews Under Armour's Best Running Shoe Ever, The Flow Velociti Wind

I picked up these gem's a couple weeks ago, it is getting nice outside so it's time to start hitting the streets. These were kind of a quiet drop from UA, I hadn't heard much about them or the new technology other than the Curry 8s and I am pretty tuned into the running shoe game. These baby's not only look great they are lighter than a hot air balloon on a warm July day. Light, soft, with a knit upper that hugs the foot perfectly. Originally launched in a 4 colorways, I went with the blue. I didn't have a nice blue running shoe in my lineup so why not, right?

First thing I noticed in my first run in these was the already broken in feel, didn't need any time, slap them on and your running. Which is sort of new for an Under Armour running shoe, they usually come out stiff and take some time to get going. But these hug the foot, are nice and plush and fell like they want to go quick. But this is just another running shoe isn't it? What makes it different then others, why should you even buy it? It is this:

The sole isn't a sole, provides no rubber on the bottom like all running shoes do. The midsole is the sole, at first I was like nah this won't work. You need rubber for grip, comfort, and stability. But after a few runs in these puppies it is clear that isn't the case. Under Armour is on to something here, the shoes are grippy, comfort is absolutely there, and the stability of the shoe was great. I have done a couple runs in wet roads from the melting snow and had no issue whatsoever with grip. I first saw this technology on the Curry 8s, didn't think much about it because basketball shoes have been treading in that direction, so nothing revolutionary there. But when they launched it in the running shoe, I was stunned, appalled, but intrigued. I had to find out for myself and so I grab them as soon as they become available. Only downsides to a great running shoe is the price of $160, I'd rather see it around $130, and the knit upper is about the worst kind of upper you can have in wet conditions. It soaks everything in like a Bounty quicker picker upper, and holds it just as well. They get very heavy and soaking wet even with a little bit of rain. So I would like to see some improve there. The name is also pretty strange and wild. Flow Velociti Wind, they must have had a zoom meeting of 15 people throwing names at a virtual whiteboard and selected the best 3 and just mashed them together and changed a Y to an I for no reason. Velocity Wind Flow rolls off the tongue much better and reads better. That's just the marketing guru in me though, that's for free by the way Under Armour.

But these are without a doubt Under Armour's best running shoe to date, don't let the price scare you off, spend a little extra, or wait til they go on sale. Just make sure to run in relatively dry conditions, the bottom has plenty of grip even in wet conditions but the upper becomes a sponge.

Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind: 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣 9/10 Bombs, would be ten if it wasn't for a bad name and sponge upper.

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