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Nothing Butt Reviews Up the Pixar Movie

This movie has been out for a while but I just watched it, sue me. I've been living in the middle of nowhere without anything to do at night so I've been diving into movies and taking suggestions. As you can see above I've been taking suggestions from those two clowns. These guys exclusively watch kid movies only, so I wasn't surprised when they suggested this one, so I popped an eddie and gave it a shot.

This movie isn't good. Synopsis basically: an old man with an older wife that straight up dies of old age I guess, who couldn't walk somehow flies his house away, and then straps a rope to his back and drags his house around, like c'mon. Where did this old dude even get all the helium? How was he not put on a terrorist watch list buying that many cannisters of helium and balloons. I'm a retired catholic so I know a creep when I see it and this dude has creep written on his forehead, Spotlight ever seen it? He picks up a fat kid while flying his house away, hello again Spotlight. The old fart and the fat kid get in a fight with dogs, an old man and befriend a lady bird named Kevin. That's basically the movie, I wouldn't recommend the movie but watch if you want, I don't care, go ahead and waste your time. I didn't enjoy it much, too many red flags going on for me, but I did enjoy the lady bird named Kevin that devoured chocolates like it was crack rock

Bomb Score: 💣💣💣💣

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