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Nothing Butt Reviews Zon Prime's The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War starring the dude from Parks & Rec and Guardians of The Galaxy recently released on Zon Prime, so on one of my days off I gave it a watch, why not right? It is a sci-fi, alien, thriller with a monster time traveling angle. I won't give any spoilers away but it's a fairly predictable movie but a decent action flick that is an enjoyable watch. Is it an all timer along the lines of Independence Day or Alien or Alien vs Predator? No it isn't that level of movie but for what is currently coming out in the postish covid era world it is decent. There's a good angle like on Pratt's character, his family, and his misfortunes. This would really be tugging at the old heartstrings of the #1 Dad at 87 Tangle, but for the cold blooded like myself and the Boom we'd brush right over it. It keeps your entertainment throughout and potentially sets up for a second one, which I'll watch but doesn't seem totally necessary.

Zon Prime's The Tomorrow War Bomb Score 5/10: 💣💣💣💣💣

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