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Patriots Targeting QB

It’s starting to become more evident that the Patriots are going to be major players in the QB market come Thursday night and the 2021 NFL Draft. Will they definitely come away with a QB? No but reports are they are locked in on this QB class.

In a year where the Patriots biggest need and focus entering the draft is at the QB position, there happens to be five QBs worthy of a first-round selections and two more worthy of second round selections. Will all five, or seven, end up being great QBs and having successful careers? Absolutely not but I would be fine with the Patriots drafting any one of them, minus maybe one but I’ll get to that later. I believe in the Patriots system; I believe in Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels. If they identify one of these QBs as the future QB of the New England Patriots, who am I to argue?

Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson are going one and two, they will not be in the Patriots range. If the Patriots are going to target a QB high in round one it will be one of Justin Fields, Mac Jones or Trey Lance. I’m not a fan of Trey Lance, I’m not 100% sold on Mac Jones and Justin Fields has his flaws but if Bill and Josh believe that one of those QBs is the guy, I’m onboard.

I’ve always believed that most of the QB’s taken in round 1 of the NFL Draft have the talent to be great but need to be drafted into the right situation to become great. They need to be drafted by a strong organization with a good system, they need to be drafted by a team with good coaching, they need to have talent around them and not be asked to be the savor.

If any of those three QBs has a chance to be great it will be on a team like the Patriots. They will get the best coaching possible, the Patriots added numerous weapons on offense this offseason, as much as I think he sucks on the field; Cam Newton could be a good veteran to learn under and you will be playing for one of the most successful franchises in NFL history. Every single one of these QBs should hope and pray to be drafted by a team like the New England Patriots.

I’m a huge fan of Justin Fields, although I can admit he has his flaws. But he checks a lot of the boxes you look for in a QB. He’s experienced, tough, extremely accurate, can make all the throws, he’s a leader and has played in several big games. You can’t say many of those things about Trey Lance. Lance could be good someday, but he feels at least a few years away. A coach would really have to improve his accuracy for him to be any good at the next level. Mac Jones doesn’t have the pure talent and ability of Fields but he has played in and been more successful in big games. He’s smart and is a tremendous leader.

If the Patriots draft a QB in round one, I want him to be the starter by week 4. Cam can start the first few games, let the kid sit and learn but than take over before long. That QB has to be either Fields or Jones and Fields has the higher ceiling.

A couple QBs the Patriots could opt to target in round 2 are Kyle Trask and Kellen Mond. They are less likely to be great but have some abilities that I like. Mond is someone I’ve grown to like more and more throughout the draft process. Trask is not spectacular but is solid across the board. I really like him. He could very well end up the third best QB in this draft.

There are a lot of options in this year’s draft for a team in need of a QB. After the offseason the Patriots just had, it would seem like using their first round pick on a QB is the way to go. They loaded up the roster and, in my opinion, are just a QB away from being one of the elite teams in the AFC. If he falls into their range I would like to see them target Justin Fields. But I’m not going to be picky, if the Patriots can get their hands on any one of Fields, Jones, Trask or Mond they will have a chance to be great and lead the Patriots back into contention for the next decade plus.

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