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Patriots Schedule Release

The 2021 NFL schedule was released last night and the Patriots have an interesting but favorable schedule. Let’s break it down:

Week 1: vs. Miami - It’s always good to be home for week 1 and not in Miami. The big story line coming into this game will be Cam or Mac? No matter who’s under center, the Patriots should win this one.

Week 2: at. New York - Poor Zach Wilson, in only his second NFL start he will be facing off against a loaded Patriots defense and the mastermind Bill Belichick. Easy win for the Patriots here.

Week 3: vs. New Orleans - I expect the Saints to struggle without Drew Brees. They won’t be a very good team and the games in Foxboro, Pats win.

Week 4: vs. Tampa Bay - The game of the year! Tom Brady’s return to Gillette Stadium. Bill Belichick vs. Tom Brady. Doesn’t get any better than this. I’m glad this game is early in the season too. I’m going to go with my heart on this one and say Patriots win. Belichick draws up a defensive masterpiece.

Three of the first four games at home is huge for the Patriots and the one road game is against the Jets. Schedule favors the Patriots in the early part of the season.

Week 5: at. Houston - The Texans are in shambles. I doubt Deshaun Watson is playing and they will be a dumpster fire. Patriots win again.

Week 6: vs. Dallas - Great matchup that only happened because of the 17th game. If Dak Prescott is healthy, the Cowboys should be a lot better and I’m going to say they hand the Patriots their first loss.

Week 7: vs. New York - Still the Jets. Zach Wilson will be seeing ghosts this time around, especially after his nightmare performance in week 2. Patriots move to 6-1.

I hate all the 1pm game the Patriots have this year. I’m not a fan of early day games. Give me 4pm or prime time games all day. I’m a bit surprised the Patriots only got 3 prime time games. They loaded up in the offseason and should be back to a playoff team this year. I expect a game or two to be flexed into prime time late in the year.

Week 8: at. Los Angeles - 41 point win last year, Chargers make it closer but Pats win by 20.

Week 9: at. Carolina - Cam should be long gone as the starter, if he ever was the starter. With him riding the bench this game has no juice. Back to back road games could hurt the Patriots but they find a way and win a close one.

Week 8 and 9 is the only back to back road games without a bye in between the Patriots have this year and their longest road trip. Last year they had a 3 game road trip. Big difference and huge advantage.

Week 10: vs. Cleveland - Sleeper pick for game of the year. This will be a tough one for the Patriots. Browns broke through last year and I think they keep it going. Browns win.

Week 11: at. Atlanta - Sneaky tough game here for the Patriots. Going on the road on a short week, playing on Thursday. Falcons should be better. Patriots loss two in a row.

Week 12: vs. Tennessee - Patriots bounce back after tough back to back losses. They’ll have ten days to get ready for this game and they make the most of it. Pats move to 9-3.

Week 13: at. Buffalo - The Patriots did some serious work in the offseason building a roster that can compete with the Bills for the division. Both teams could very easily be 9-3 at this point. Bills are at home and squeak one out.

Week 14: Bye - Great week for a bye. Especially if the Patriots are going to be back in the playoffs which I expect.

Week 15: at. Indianapolis - Carson Wentz is just not going to cut it. Colts have a lot going for them but I think Wentz sets them back, dare I say Rivers was better. Pats win.

Week 16: vs. Buffalo - Patriots get their revenge on Buffalo after falling to them in week 13. This game could be for the division title and the Pats take it.

Week 17: vs. Jacksonville - Easy win. It’s nice to get a game like this late in the season when you are getting ready for the playoffs. Belichick schools Urban.

Week 18: at. Miami - Happy Birthday to me, I get to see the Patriots struggle once again in Miami. Luckily they will have a playoff spot locked up, possibly the division and this game won’t matter. Patriots lose and end the season 12-5.

I think the record could swing a game or two in either direction depending on who’s playing QB and how he’s performing. If it’s Cam Newton all year and he plays like he did last year, even with the added talent around him, they are going 10-7 at best. If Cam plays better, 12-5 is on the table. If Mac Jones plays and sucks it could be 9-8 but if Mac Jones is legit and the Patriots play him, sky’s the limit with this roster. Either way the Patriots should be a playoff team in 2021, how great they can be depends on the QB play.

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