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Pats On the Bubble

Five players on the bubble heading into Patriots Training Camp:

1 - N’Keal Harry, WR

I think this goes without saying. He sucks, he wants out, he is most likely in Belichick’s doghouse. He is probably Bill Belichick’s worst first round pick ever and just doesn’t have what it takes to get better. His days are numbered.

2 - Sony Michel, RB

I still like Sony and think he can be a serviceable running back in this league but Damien Harris is better. Sony might have some value throughout the league tough. I could see the Patriots trading him at the end of the preseason.

3 - Matt LaCosse, TE

Not sure how this guy is still hanging around but he’ll be gone soon. The Patriots signed Henry and Smith in free agency and Asiasi and Keene are younger and have more upside. There are 4 tight ends better than LaCosse on this roster. LaCosse is done.

4 - JoeJuan Williams, CB

Williams just hasn’t lived up to his potential. He played more of a hybrid CB/S position to start last year and got passed by guy like Dugger, Phillips and even Jason McCourty. Jalen Mills now on this roster makes life even harder for Williams. He will be cut at the end of the preseason.

5 - Chase Winovich, LB/DE

I don’t expect Winovich to be cut or traded but if I had to pick a potential surprise cut heading into camp it would be Winovich. He’s been inconsistent over his first two years and has lost playing time. With the additions of Judon and KVN, Winovich has some real competition to get playing time. He could be the odd man out when it comes to not only reps but a roster spot.

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