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Pitchers and Catchers Report

Congratulations Timmy and Uncle Stevie! We made it!! Baseball is back!

Let me tell you, this day doesn't really put the excitement in me as it does for many others. I always thought of it as a "we need them to start talking about us sooner" date. Why not bring everyone back? I understand the pitchers need more time to sync up with catchers as well as get into their regimens for the season. But why wait for the rest of them? It's two weeks? Get them in and get things moving please. That's a day I'd look forward to more than P's & C's.

Thinking about this day made me remember the worst day on the baseball calendar, truck day. I hope and pray that it's only a handful of team at most that "celebrate" the equipment truck going south for the winter because it is absolutely silly. What a strange day that, at the very least, I know Red Sox fans get all juiced up for. The teams equipment goes into a semi, and travels from Massachusetts to Florida and it rivals the excitement for a weeknight game against the Reds with a call-up starting on the bump.

Like I said. Crazy.

Anyways, the symbolism doesn't pass me by as the season inches closer to reality so for those of you that love your pitchers and your catchers, happy days are here to stay!

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