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Postseason SZN

Welp. It's been 162 games since my last MLB post. Maybe even last post in general, I can't remember?

Only reason I'm here is to say that my preseason blog about how the MLB season was going to go was surprisingly accurate in terms of HOW MANY predictions I predicted I would get right.

4 was the magic number.

And in that above blog I had the White Sox winning the AL Central. Braves taking the NL East and the Dodgers as the first NL Wild Card. Three picks right. Now looking at the rest of the picks the only real chances I have are the White Sox making the World Series and Juan Soto as the NL MVP... and both are in play.

However - looking at how the season played out here are my postseason predictions.

Reliving 2017! Dodgers run the table in the NL after winning the Wild Card tomorrow night. Astros take down my preseason pick, White Sox, and the Rays en route to the Series where people go crazy because everyone hates Houston.

My new MVP's and Cy Young's:

AL MVP: Vlad Jr.

NL MVP: Juan Soto

AL Cy Young: Robbie Ray

NL Cy Young: Max Scherzer

NOTE: I also think the number of games watched picked in my preseason blog was very close to accurate. Would need confirmation from the direct source(s) first though.

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