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Public Service Announcement: Flushable Wipes

As the resident father of CSBS - like an actual dad - I have experienced certain things the other two lovebirds haven't. I don't need to go into detail by any means, just know that I've seen some things that are much different than Timmy and Uncle Stevie. Make sure you make it thru my story before you click the BACK or X button.

One thing that has come from my "Daddy Life" is making sure the youngest could wipe his own derriere. The kid is awesome. Love him. But this is a struggle in his life and it came to our attention that a clear path to solve this riddle was flushable wipes.

Note: this was like three years ago

We decided to help the kid out and it has worked for the most part. He gets the job done a lot better than he used to, not only because it's three years later, but because of the flushable wipes. So, why this story? Heck - I probably lost most of you by now.

Well - when we first bought these things, they were for the 3 year old. It wasn't until a month or two later I ventured into trying one of these wipes. Three years later and it's easily one of the smartest decisions I've ever made. If you've ever been privy to the CSBS group chat (wuddup Cumma?), then you know that poop talk doesn't really miss a week. There's always someone discussing their bowel movements or gaseous energy from the back door. I am using this platform to share with my fellow CSBS'ers and you, the fan, how incredible flushable wipes are.

If you haven't tried them yet, I highly recommend buying a pack and giving it the "old college try". Go ahead. Do it.

The truly mind-blowing thing is that despite how "clean" the TP is, which I still use, there is always something extra that the toilet paper doesn't get and your flushable wipe does. If you are a single man or woman and are embarrassed to have them on display then hide them somewhere but I will say that it is NOTHING to be ashamed of. A clean pooper is what we all deserve. So stop avoiding it and instead, embrace the clean butt life with some flushable wipes. Brands honestly don't matter, unless you have some EXTRA stuff going on downstairs.

So here is a CSBS GUARANTEE. You will love them. And if you don't love them, you will certainly be unable to deny the extra work they do. No questions asked.

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