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QB Competition

For the first time since Drew Bledsoe was drafted, we have a legit QB competition entering Patriots training camp. You could argue last year was a competition but was it really a competition? We didn’t know how much Cam Newton sucked yet, we thought Jarrett Stidham was good but had no idea. It was Cam Newton’s job entering camp and then it became even clearer when Stidham missed multiple days early in camp with an injury. If last year was a competition, it was over before it began. This year, I think we will have a real QB competition and that is the biggest storyline heading into Patriots training camp.

The Patriots drafted Mac Jones number fifteen overall for a reason. They were not happy with the performance of Cam Newton in 2020. They set out to find his replacement and really the replacement for Tom Brady. Jones should and likely will be given every opportunity to beat out Cam Newton. Will Cam get an opportunity as well? Absolutely. But this should be Mac’s job to lose.

Cam would really need to improve his accuracy and understanding of the offense if he plans to win this job. If you ask me, Cam can’t play anymore. But I’ll give him this, he’s going to compete his ass off to try to win this job. The coaching staff, specifically Belichick has great respect for Cam and will give him a fair shake but will it be enough? Can Cam improve on the field and beat out a (currently) far more talent Mac Jones?

Mac Jones has the arm talent to step in right away. He can make all the throws and he makes them look easy. He is going to be a pleasure to watch at training camp and will look even better throwing next to Cam Newton. The question with Mac is his readiness. Will he have the entire offensive playbook down? Will he be on the same page with his weapons? Is he ready to go against NFL defenses?

After watching Cam Newton last year, I personally don’t care if Mac Jones is not “ready”. He should be the week 1 starting QB for the New England Patriots. Let him learn on the fly. He can’t be any worse than Cam. Why potentially throw away another season by playing Cam early before eventually going to Mac? Just roll with Mac from day 1.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mac Jones will outperform Cam in training camp and outplay him in preseason games. Will that be enough to supplant Cam? The Patriots loaded up on weapons, adding multiple tight ends and wide receivers. They built this offense for an accurate QB that can make all the throws. That doesn’t sound like Cam Newton to me.

While everything seems to be leaning Mac, I’m not naive, I know Cam will be given a shot and the coaching staff likes him, he’s a good leader, he has a year under his belt in the playbook. He has some things going for him. They also might not want to throw Mac to the wolves right off the bat. Their plan might be to transition to Mac mid-season.

Either way we have ourselves a full-fledged QB competition here in New England. Cam vs. Mac. Should be a fun next couple of months.

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