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Review: VelociCoaster

I'm gonna get right into it here and say that we, the Roache family, had a great time on our first trip to Florida since May 2019. We hit up Disney's Hollywood Studios and Universal Orlando Resorts Islands of Adventure. This written piece is all about the newest ride about to officially open tomorrow, June 10, at Universal and that is Jurassic World VelociCoaster.

The description on the Universal app explains VelociCoaster as "Two intense launches. Four inversions. It's a new species of roller coaster." We were lucky enough to ride during one of the testing days this past weekend and... well, read the rest.

Let's start with how you will start out when you head to this beautiful piece of architecture and modern engineering...

Entrance: I'm not talking the line. I'm talking the walk up. The ride is set back in Jurassic Park land where there's actually a short walk from the typical flow of traffic before you even see the entrance to the ride. The stayed pretty well themed with the plants and greenery they have within the land already so nothing crazy there.

You then approach the above image which is sort of a new archway to enter the line area and I was loving the structure here. Sounds stupid to type it but it was cool. Both statue coasters weren't huge but they were a good size that didn't take away from anything around it.

Line: After strolling thru the area in the image above, you stroll thru that raptor cage-esque entryway. We, the elder two cherubs and I, went to the Single Riders only line as they JUST opened it when we walked up so we looked to take advantage of a possible 60-75 minute wait. Inside, there were some DNA videos and other cool designs that I couldn't get pics of because I'm a baby and left my phone in the locker after I took this picture.

Safety first. The highlight of the line, aside from the 25 minute wait, was the interactive video with Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Denning (Bryce Dallas Howard) from the Jurassic World movies. They have a nice back and forth as you wait close to the front of the line. From that point you are minutes away from hopping on especially in group entry. They were pumping those people onto the ride as the single rider side was only open infrequently during the testing phase the past week or two. Took them longer to get to that point and me longer when I was up there. So - pick your poison.

Last but not least...

Ride: The Youtube video released by UOR a couple weeks ago shows the ride well but there is nothing like it that I've experienced.

It starts off as if you were in a raptor enclosure with Blue and the gang in their cages around you then you fly off with one of the two noted 'intense launches' and it sets the mood for you. Gets the blood pumping if it wasn't already and you are off and running. One turn after the straight away and you head into your first inversion.

A couple twists and turns later you get yelled at by a raptor and that's where the fun began for me because after a pair (or so) turns you hit your next launch point and you peak at about 70 MPH ripping down an enclosed straightaway that feels similar to your launch point of a raptor enclosure.

The best launch sends you to one of my top three spots on the ride, the incline to an 80 degree, 140 foot drop. OOOOHHH BABY is it a good time. Get your popcorn ready because when you are in the front (row 2 for this guy), the top of the incline feels like a two second wait for the back of the coaster to flip you to the decline and the blood starts pumping again.

After this - the designers of this beauty were probably getting greedy in their design lab. They go from that point to another inversion that holds you for a two second upside down hang time. Awesome. Incredible. The lap brace gets right up in your business because you have nowhere else to go but straight into it. The next couple of seconds seem plain compared to what you just experienced and those crazy kids in the design room said "Let's him them one more time."

Hit me they did. My favorite part hands down was the barrel roll over the water. I get the tingles thinking about it. I honestly can say, it's the same feeling when I think about this. Judge away - this ride was amazing.

Bomb Score: 11 out of 10 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

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