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Review: WandaVision (No Spoilers)

FULL DISCLOSURE: I don't dislike many things.

ALSO FULL DISCLOSURE: No spoilers. Kinda.

So now that I cleared that air; I LOVE WandaVision. If you haven't started to watch it yet. Start.

This series is heading into episode 4 so you only need less than a movie's length of time to get caught up and put onto the edge of your seat. This show checks a bunch of different boxes for a multitude of viewing parties but a big one for me that I won't dive to deep into below is how unique it is. Not only on the Marvel-scale but in general. I don't think I've seen anything like it but there are plenty of other shows/movies that are as popular as they are because they are different.

So - without further commentary, here are the boxes that WandaVision checks for me:

Marvel-related: I love the MCU and haven't had many bad things to say (see: DISCLOSURE) about any of the estimated 6000 movies or shows that it has produced in the last 15 years or so. Have I seen every movie? Just about. Have I seen every show? No I have not. But the ones I have seen I enjoyed.

Family friendly: Big for me as my family of five make this our Friday night thing with the shows weekly release on Friday's. Hasn't stretched into the darker side that many fans expect but three episodes in it checks this box as the youngest cherub can even enjoy it at the ripe age of six. I think he watched Winter Soldier at the age of two or three and screamed 'go boo guy' for Captain America. Gave myself a high-five for that victory.

Humor: Call me old-fashioned but the first handful of episodes have a 50's/60's/70's theme (Is that a spoiler? If yes, sorry. If no, knew it.) and the I Love Lucy and Bewitched humor makes me laugh out loud as my viewing audience stares at me like I hit them with the Ultimate Dad Joke. The delivery is half of it for me! Wanda, Elizabeth Olsen (aka the younger sister to the Olsen Twins), and Vision, Paul Bettany, have a nice chemistry that hits on plenty of levels no matter where your humor lies... except dark. Not dark.

Suspense: Now this is a fun one. My oldest cherub hated how we got two episodes on night one and he felt like the story went nowhere minus some Easter eggs and subtle hints. I loved it. It's a series man! I don't want to know what's coming in the next episode! Was Stranger Things good because they gave everything away in the opener?? No!! They left you out to dry with what was going to happen with that poor kid Will! The hangers you get left on from episode to episode so far is a plus and the hints at things most MCU-followers will pick up on are also awesome to point out.

Overall: This is my first review of probably anything in my life. Do I need to give a bombs rating? Is that what we do here? Well if I do, WandaVision gets a 10 out of 10.

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